Mörka nyheter i Holland :(

Ser ut som att det är på väg olika förbud och restriktioner i Holland. Tror inte det är helt omöjligt att något av det här kan sprida sig till Sverige fy fan kommer inte bli kul i så fall....


Liquids : max 10ml, specific labeling guidelines

.Tanks : max 2 ml.Leak-free refilling : It should be possible to refill without leaking when following written instructions.

An attempt to ban drippers, by disallowing the sales of e-cigs without a reservoir.Does not restrict private use, it restricts sales/bringing to market.

It also restricts sales coming from abroad, including other Europeanstates. for example:  

If a Dutch consumer would order restricted e-cigs from the UK and Dutch customs stop them. The seller is held liable,  not the consumer.

No restrictions on nicotine-free e-cigs.No restrictions based on consistent-dose, because there are no known ways to measure it.

No restrictions on mods, batteries.


Mer info hittar ni här http://vapers.org.uk/a-call-to-dutch-vapers/

26 jan 2015